Why’s the site so stale?

Hey all, this is one of those protypical posts where a blog author who hasn’t blogged in a long time apologizes profusely, talks about how busy he is, and then promises more activity.
I do have a new site design being worked on, with a bit better layout. Let’s just say that since my last blog post, I’ve been to about 5 different countries, and my work with Liferay has been going better than ever. I currently blog over on the company blog, but I will be doing more stuff here.
What about artwork? Well, it seems I don’t get to create as much as I used to. My passions have kind of evolved into UI design and User Experience, Javascript, and more front end stuff.
Does that mean that there won’t be more artwork coming? Nope, I still draw, and I plan to scan it in and post it. I also plan on actually making time to create more artwork.

So yeah, I’ll keep it short, but come say hi over at the Liferay blog:

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  1. Parker

    Wow, great news to hear! I have always wondered what happened to this site and am excited to know its still alive!

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