Whats coming up?

So, I figured Id write a post about the proposed updates coming…

1. Aeon366
Sometime tonight Ill put a temp page up for the site, and find an easy way to write a CMS for that site that will let me post the pics and be easily navigated. We’ll see what happens. But Ill have SOMETHING up on it soon.
2. Im going to try and learn how to write the CMS to edit database entries within the form, without actually editing on the DB. Maybe Ill do that tonight too.
3.Maybe Ill add the resources section back. Anyone care if I do or not? Its not like I ever updated it, but if you want something specific, at least let me know.
4. I might see if I can find a way to allow comments on the news posts. We’ll see 🙂
5. I know Im going to hate this design in a month or so, so Im going to work on some new designs so Ill have something soon.
6. I have more work to do on Deprived and Shane’s site, so that will take up some time.
7. Maybe a streaming jukebox with some selected tunes.

I cant think of anything else Id like to work on for now, but no doubt the ideas will come.
If you can think of anything, email me.

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