What the freak is Pat Robertson doing?

Perhaps this was taken out of context, and perhaps there is more to the story, but I am quite appalled that any Christian figure would be calling for someone to be assasinated.
I am not against assasination on principle. I think there are times when it could be necessary to stop greater evils from taking place.
However, that is a government official’s job to decide, NOT an evangelist’s.

I am hard-pressed to imagine the Apostle Paul calling for Nero’s assasination. If I remember correctly, Pauls instructions were quite a bit different.

2 comments to “What the freak is Pat Robertson doing?”

  1. Basher

    Only after God changed his heart and removed the scales from his eyes, did Paul's instructions change.  Maybe Pat needs some scales removed. eh?

    Craetium Ex Nihilo,


  2. Nick

    I think he is playing with himself. (Inappropriate?)

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