Top 5 Movies of 2005

After reading Roger Ebert’s Top 10 Movies of 2005, I thought I would chime in with my Top 5, and oddly enough, I actually agree with some of his choices. So, without further ado, here are my top 5 choices for 2005

  1. Crash
    This, by far was the best movie of 2005.  Everything from the visuals, to the music, to the subject matter, everything about this movie was a pure joy. It had me holding my breath during so many scenes, and I think it helped communicate the dynamic, strained, and often times violent race relationships here in Los Angeles.The beauty of this movie was that there was no easy answers, no easily spotted bad guys. It showed just how human each and every one of us are, and therefore, how flawed each of us are.I really cannot say enough about this movie.
  2. Cinderella Man
    I feel guilty for placing this one at number two, because it was really an incredible movie, with a very lovable cast. The story behind Jimmy Braddock is really an amazing one, and I think this movie captured the magic of that era. This movie had some amazingly poignant scenes, and some incredible messages. In an era where your word doesn’t count for much, and it seems where more and more people are becoming flakier and flakier, it’s really wonderful to see a movie where a persons integrity is valued so much.
  3. Walk The Line
    This one again pains me to place below another because Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Weatherspoon were flat out perfect in their roles as John and June Cash. While one could see a similarity between some elements of this movie and "Ray", I feel that this movie was far better than Ray. I felt like this movie, more so than Ray, pulled you into it, and made you a fan of not only his music, but of his life.
  4. Shopgirl
    For some reason, this movie didnt get as much play as I think it deserved. Shopgirl to me was a joy to watch. It was painful in all the right places, and funny in all the right places. This movie had such a mellow tone, the acting by Claire Danes, Steve Martin, and Jason Schwartzman was perfectly subdued. This movie really was just top notch.
  5. Batman Begins
    This movie reinvents the entire Batman movie franchise, by actually making it a serious, dark, gritty movie, rather than the normal campy Batman flicks. Chris Nolan handled this movie superbly, and the amazing thing is how Christian Bale went from 125 pounds on the Machinist, straight to this role. Really dedicated actor. You don’t even have to be a fan of Batman, or comic book movies to enjoy this one. It truly captured the spirit of Year One.

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  1. Tom

    Wow.. I think everyone thought you had died since you haven't posted since October. 🙂

  2. Kaneda

    Crash was poorly directed. Brokeback Mountain was much better.

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