Thank you’s and notices

Thanks to Unmatched Style for the mention, and the kind words 🙂 Also thanks to all the support from everyone who’s been kind enough offer some solid advice and help.

Now, I need to make an announcement of sorts:

  • To all the of the people who feel that insulting me, insulting my fiance, insulting my site are going to hurt my feelings, you’re way off. To be honest, if your brain has been developmentally stunted to the point to where your last refuge is petty name calling, then my only response is giggling like a mad man.
  • This site is an PERSONAL website. I don’t care if your grandma’s screen reader didnt pick up all of the links, or if there is an extra div lying around. It’s an art site, chances are, it’s going to focus more on visuals. My whole point in making it CSS based was to try it, being as I had only made 1 other CSS site, and it, hopefully, will make future redesigns quicker. Also, I wanted to make a CSS site that looks different than EVERY other freakin CSS site on the CSS portals. Most of them look like every other site, hence, I wanted to try to be a bit more original, and not look like a typical CSS site.
  • Anyone know anything about querying complex data structures in PHP to make the data as relational, and the site as data-driven as possible? (Just asking, I have a project at work going that I need to do that with…)
  • This is primarily an art site, but it also reflects my other interests, etc, and is basically about me. If you cannot appreciate artwork by people of differing religious, political, ethnic, or cultural differences than you, chances are, this site will just make you unhappy. I don’t hate anyone, I don’t wish ill on anyone, and truth be told, I admire and respect a ton of people who I disagree with on very important issues. But I’m not gonna cry because I dont know how to separate artwork and ideology. If you are that way, leave now. It’s probably way past your bed time anyways.

That’s all for now, thanks 🙂

3 comments to “Thank you’s and notices”

  1. Tom

    Well-said Nate.  Screw the ******** who are that closed-minded as to not even accept someone elses's point of view.

  2. Nolan

    This is quite an interesting site.  I love the artworks, and the overall feel of this site.

    I can say that I hold religious views somewhat different from yours, but that's irrelevant.  This site is good, even if it sometimes does feel a little cramped (the textarea for comments in particular feels claustrophobic), and so is the art. 

  3. Jeff

    I think your religious views are awesome. Always remember not to worry about those people who email you and all, you can never please everyone, heck- JEsus didn't, right? Not that he maybe could have if He wanted but I won't get in to that. God bless you and Jessica.

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