Out with the poo, in with the new

I’ve been building my own computers for the last 5 years, and in that time, I’ve gone through about 4 computers.
And although I am A+ Certified, and I can assemble the hardware okay, it’s a rather frustrating process, and eventually, I end up messing SOMETHING up, which requires either a fresh install, fresh hardware, or something else.

As of today, I am done with all of that. Thanks to a VERY awesome friend who is too good to me, I have a new computer on the way.

This is my new machine-y.

Why Dell? A couple of reasons, actually.

  1. Price.
    Im not rolling cash, and while a Mac would be fun to play with, Dell’s are affordable
  2. Reliability.
    Jessica’s has had her computer for 3 years now, and while I’ve gone through three computer’s in that time, she’s kept the same one. The only changes she’s made is a new hard drive, and some extra RAM. She’s kept her machine up for 28 days once.

So, until I get it sometime next week, I will be without a computer at home. Ug… oh well, more reading time, I guess 😀

2 comments to “Out with the poo, in with the new”

  1. Tom

    Yes, Macs ARE fun..  but you made a good choice with Dell.  Sure, they have their fair share of problems.  A company as big as Dell is bound to have problems – well-publicized ones at that.  I've owned four Dells and never had a problem with any of them -well, no problems that weren't a direct result of user error.  🙂

    But Nate..  remember:  you're engaged and soon married.  What's yours is hers, and what's hers is yours.  Her Dell IS your Dell.  🙂

  2. Dave

    Good choices.

    Where would you rank "Sin City"?

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