New Work Uploaded

Okay, 5 new pieces have been uploaded, and I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Okay, now here is what I am asking of everyone: I am setting up my resources section, and if anyone wants to see a PSD in their of my work, please let me know, and I will include it.
So please email me, and let me know what PSD’s you want in there, and Ill put together a list.
I dont want to do EVERY single piece, but I am willing to do ANY single piece.
So let me know, por favor.

4 comments to “New Work Uploaded”

  1. chris

    i really like this one. i especially like the message. good job!

  2. shirley

    I like this. I can't make out the entire message. HolyPiercing.

    ….theworld. What does it say.

    I'm a graphic designer trying to become more familiar with web design. I enjoyed looking at your stuff. I also like your visualizations to the christian message. Take care. –S

  3. jenn

    I love this.  I am a christian body piercer and would love to hang this up in my shop.  Is there anyway I can order one from you?  Thanks!  Jenn

  4. Michelle

    I love percing, i have it. Its super!

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