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Lets respond, shall we?

Did I say “extremist”? I meant to say FUNDAMENTALIST. They are the same thing under the surface, but I know that you love to split hairs and read everything LITERALLY. That is what you base all your arguments on, a very literal reading of what was said.

Which is why no one can “debate” you. It is like debating a large stone or a pile of dirty laundry. You can’t win. The stone or pile of laundry won’t make any valid points, but you wouldn’t expect them to. Just like “debating” a fundamentalist.

You read everything literally except your bible, of course, which you only read literally when it suits you. The rest of the time you are interpreting. To suit your needs. Dude, it’s either the word of god or it ain’t. Stop being wishy washy.

I read everything literally? Im sorry, but you’re the one who speaks one way, then depending on how the situation suits you, you say whether it was literal or just a figure of speech.

As for “not being able to debate me”, Im glad you’ve already decided that fact. Well, my friend, either email me, and lets do it, or just leave? By even posting this comment, you are admitting that on some level you believe I can be reasoned with, regardless of whatever you may say.

But hey, it goes back to what Ive always been saying, liberals dont believe anyone else is capable of percieving the “deep inner truths” of this world like them, the elite.

In case you dont understand anything about biblical interpretation, heres how I, and every other believing, intelligent Christian does it:

What was said literally is translated literally. What was said figuratively, is translated figuratively.

When the Bible says murder is wrong, guess what, I dont think God meant to say “Well, figuratively speaking”. And like wise, when Jesus said “I am the door” I dont go reach for a door knob. When He says “I am the Light”, I dont think that means he gets plugged into a wall socket.
The Bible is the inerrant Word Of God, and thats not being wishy washy. Ive said, and will say it again.

Which, I guess, is bad, considering you would have everyone interpret it all symbolically, even though THERE IS NO LOGICAL, TEXTUAL, INTELLIGENT REASON TO DO SO!!!!

Again, the invitation stands. Email me, and we can discuss this. Or keep visiting my site, hide behind anonymous posts, and feel vindicated in never confronting someone with an opposing opinion, except behind the veil of anonymity.

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  1. Benny Jett

    “What was said literally is translated literally. What was said figuratively, is translated figuratively.”

    But to know what was said literally and what was said figuratively you have to INTERPRET. There are no crib notes or flags telling you, “The last part, take it literally. This next part is just flowery language, read it any way you want to.”

    So you don’t KNOW. You like to THINK you know, but you can’t. You took a leap of FAITH to believe. A leap of faith leaving proof and reason behind. That isn’t good or bad, that is how it’s done everywhere by everyone who believes in a set of rules in a book, and a master planner who loves you and is going to make sure good things happen for you. It’s a great way to live, if you can take the leap. Good for you.

    I would not have anyone interpret the bible symbolically, literally or any other way. Just like I wouldn’t ask anyone to interpret Sense and Sensibility, or Jurassic Park. They are just THERE. Take them or leave them.


    Sorry to bring up Jurassic Park. I know dinosaurs are a sore spot with you guys, because nothing is really THAT old. 

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