Harry Potters Haters

Harry Potter Is Evil?
Okay, I know to some I seem some hardcore anti-everything fightin’ fundie, but I do not follow the party line on everything.

Personally, I think the Harry Potter movies are wonderful and amazingly imaginative, and I think the overall franchise is wonderful. It kind of bothers me that the new Pope is now coming out against it.

I truly dont see the moral difference between Harry Potter and The Lord Of The Rings (written by Tolkien, a Catholic), or even The Narnia series (written by CS Lewis, an Anglican and theologian extraordinaire).

I guess the charge is that the characters encourage sorcery, but that, in my humble opinion, is bullcrap. The characters obviously live in a fictional world, one where magic plays a huge part of life.

The story has greater themes behind it, though. It’s no different than comic books. When you’re an adolescent, you are struggling with this discovery of your own powerful abilities, and the proper and improper use of your abilities. This may be more so for boys, as well.
When you hit puberty, your testosterone levels increase by 800% (literally). You’re changing from a child, to a young man, and this change is quite dramatic. I think the series deals with things like that.

I also think that the series is important in an essentially naturalistic Western culture. We tend to prize only the material, and ridicule the spiritual.

I believe the movie encourages the idea that there is a spiritual realm, there is something beyond our empirical grasp, and that there are clearly defined rules of good and evil.

Perhaps the movie isnt a “How to become a Christian”, but neither is LOTR or the Narnia series.

Lastly, it’s entertainment. No one is expecting to form a religious belief system off of a fictional series.
For instance, I am quite enamored with both the Roman periods of history, as well as the medieval. Does this mean that because I watched Gladiator, I’m going to start believing in Jupiter as a god?
I also have a thing for alien movies, like Signs, even when I was a kid. However, while I may wish for the fantastic to be true, it doesnt mean that I change what I believe over it.

I personally dont see the big deal over all of this. When I have children, I plan on letting them watch it, and also explaining to them the difference between what they see and read, versus what is true.
It’s called parenting, people. You should be raising your children, not Harry Potter.

I guess the disagreement is over whether or not Harry Potter truly encourages children to practice sorcery, and I dont think so.

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