ArtPolitic 8 // Body Modification

AP’s 8th release is out, which is titled Body Modification.
Check it out here:

On a side note, someone over there left a comment on my artwork saying that they like my art, but I redirect all the packs issues to Christianity.
See, even the religious right can be as contrarian, subversive, and anti-conformist as the left 😉

Seriously, that one piece is the only one Ive done that specifically speaks about Christianity, and the religious ones were to that specific pack.

And they say that my pieces are always off topic.
Sorry, Ill follow the party line, and not try to turn a topic on its head, and try a different perspective next time.

Woah, sorry, a bit of a rant there. I come off as the wounded and broken artist well, dont I? 🙂

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