American Idol

For the last four seasons, I have NOT been an American Idol fan, at all. Frankly, the only person who has really done anything with their celebrity, and actually produced decent music, has been Kelly Clarkson. The rest, especially Fantasia and Rueben have really kinda just grated on my nerves (Clay Aiken was good, but his style was just very appealing to the AARP crowd).
This season, though, there is some REALLY great and original talent. Right now, I have 4 people from both girls and guys that I can see winning, and right fully so.
The first two people on each list are my personal ties for the top spot, with the first of each list being the artist/musician, and the second person on each list being great talents, but also likable more than anything.
So, without further ado, here we go.


  1. Taylor Hicks
    What cant you say about this guy? Astounding musician, and very atypical. He is not someone I would see winning American Idol, because of his style and looks, but he is just such a good musician, you cant help but enjoy him and his music.
  2. Chris Daughtry
    This guys style is much more to my liking, though I’ve always wondered if a rocker-type was right for American Idol.
    However, this guy has something that sets him apart from everyone else, and it’s his personality. When everyone was getting the decision on the finals, this guy was the one clapping and cheering for EVERYONE that made it. He seemed genuinely happy for everyone else to make it. Something about this guy screams "great guy" that really contrasts nicely with his rough edge look. Overall, a really good musician, and even songs I dont like, he can make enjoyable.
  3. Elliot Yamin
    There is something I dont like about this guy, but I cant put my finger on it. Something about him just puts me off.
    However, there is no denying how great of a singer he is. He seems likable enough, but his talent is really what makes me place him here. Amazing singer.
  4. Ace Young
    I would say the worst singer of the four here, though still a really great one. However, what sets him apart, of course, are his good looks and charisma. Great singer, but I think he’s going to have a HUGE following among the girl segment of viewers.


  1. Paris Bennett
    This is seriously one of my favorites in the competition. After hearing her sing Billie Holliday, I was hooked. This girl is such a natural performer. While her first performance was a little over the top, it was still amazing, and I think it was over the top just because no one else in the competition this season has done it as well.
    It was a star level performance. This girl has the voice, and likeability factor, she just has it all.
  2. Kellie Pickler
    "Pick Pickler". Who couldn’t like this girl? Seriously, her personality is so sweet and endearing, it’s really infectious. I really enjoy her singing, but her personality, and personal story help drive this one up to the top. An incredible combination of looks, voice, and personality.
    And who doesnt love that super thick accent 🙂
  3. Lisa Tucker
    This girl is so good. It’s hard to imagine her being only 16, but she has the musical chops to go all the way. It’s hard to stand in the light next to the top two, but she is great in her own right.
  4. Katharine McPhee
    This girl I would say is the best looking of the top four girls, and a great voice too. Again, in comparison to the top two, it’s hard to judge her, but she really does have an overall star quality.

Overall I see many of the people on these lists as getting some sort of deal out of this, no matter how they place in the competition. Should be exciting 🙂

But seriously, I can’t do six hours of AI a week, so producer people, can we cut it down a notch? And please, no group singing this time around. It’s my absolute LEAST favorite of all the singing.

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