Alterform V. X2

Well, here it is. Welcome to the new version of Alterform, powered by the Expanse Content Management System, which has been developed by Jason and I, and will be ready for the public VERY soon.
This site is now completely table-less, and all designed with CSS. This is now my second site using only CSS, and I think it came out rather well.

Also, if you’re using Firefox on the PC, and notice some problems, head over to the Info Page to read more about it.

Thanks to Tom and Josh for their help in testing it, and of course, many many thanks to my fiance, who put up with my rambling about it for the last 3 weeks 🙂

2 comments to “Alterform V. X2”

  1. tom

    Glad I could help.  🙂

  2. s33r

    Hiya Nate, sorry bout the blank comment, just gotta say that I love the redesign, seriously beautiful!

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