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Even though Ryan hasn’t written back yet, I was thinking over my own post, and it occurs to me that I made a few statements that seem kind of contradictory, and I’d like to clarify those.

The apparently contradictory statements is like this:
It appears that I am against socialism because of the Golden rule, and yet morally okay with imprisonment and even torture in rare circumstances, even though those both violate that rule.

The argument I can anticipate goes something like:
"Since people being able to eat trumps the moral rule of do not steal, it should be okay for socialism to take the money from individuals, and use it to fulfill a higher moral good."

Here is the difference, and this is where the clarification comes:

I believe that moral exceptions are unique, and usually isolated instances.
For instance, stealing food when your family is starving to death, I think in that instance, the stealing would be justified.

But, I don’t think you can make a system of governmental (or patriarchal, etc) rule around a moral exception, nor do I think you can make a system of rule based around a violation of the rule.

It would be akin to legalizing perjury to save someone from imprisonment.

Sorry, I am used to battling myself this way 🙂

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  1. Ryan Miglavs

    Ha ha! Thanks for responding for me. Things got really crazy over in my part of life, and blogging is the first thing that falls to the wayside for me.

    You've looked at a tidy little contradiction, but you look at the thieving in the wrong direction. Economic wealth is theft. We've made so many exceptions to the Golden Rule that a Carnegie can put scores of people on the street and pay his own employees pittances then get a pat on the back for building a museum none of these people can go to.

    Food (for example) belongs to everyone, not just those who have accumulated pieces of paper and plastic. When you're huddled in a doorway trying to sleep in the rain at night, and you can't eat while some people expand their garages to accommodate their 7 Hummers, you can't help but wonder whether it's really the people at the bottom who should get in trouble for theft.

    Yeah, not really a full response here, I might get around to blogging an actual argument, but I may not. In the meantime, peace and love.


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