UI Phone Home

Aza recently posted about the problem with the home button on many modern touch devices. I empathize with the problem he mentions as I oftentimes find myself nervously hitting the home button when trying to get to the root of my current mental context (which is the application).
However, I can’t say I agree with his proposed solution (and it seems many of the commenters on his post have the same issue with it that I do). The camera model, for me at least, doesn’t really work because I actually find the autofocus button on modern camera’s to be mentally …

Why’s the site so stale?

Hey all, this is one of those protypical posts where a blog author who hasn’t blogged in a long time apologizes profusely, talks about how busy he is, and then promises more activity.
I do have a new site design being worked on, with a bit better layout. Let’s just say that since my last blog post, I’ve been to about 5 different countries, and my work with Liferay has been going better than ever. I currently blog over on the company blog, but I will be doing more stuff here.
What about artwork? Well, it seems I don’t …

Liferay Wallpaper 2

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Made for fun, yet another Liferay piece.…

Valentine’s Day Redux

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Another Valentines Day piece for my lovely wife. Thankfully she prefers me to make her pieces of artwork for her gifts.…

Liferay Wallpaper

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Liferay wallpaper done just for fun. It was eventually made into a tshirt.…