Body Piercing

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My other piece for ArtPolitic’s Body Modification release.

I again wanted to explore something different than the norm with the body modification, and I got the idea from this from a fellow artist who sent me a picture of a church sign that read “Body piercing saved my life”. So, I wanted to represent that visually, and changed the phrasing up a bit.

This is one of those pieces that is “always turning the topic back ……

Openform Addicted

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Very personal to me and probably the one that without fail gets the most reaction. I wish it wasnt almost 8+ years old.…


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A bit of an older piece, but I still enjoyed making it, and I still like it. By the way, its a flower, not a jelly fish 🙂…

CD Cover

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Done for a Christian band, under a major-ish Christian label.…

Cookies for Adrian

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Only a few people can even tell that this is Redondo Beach, but its a bit of a collage of one.
Its also a bit of an homage to Adrian Luna, who has been a huge inspiration to me for quite a long time with his use of light and color.…