Helen Thomas is an idiot…

So, Helen Thomas was shunned by President Bush at a press conference, because she was going to ask some "tough" questions of the president.
"She also had another question at the ready, just in case, this one about the president’s contention that a 28-year-old wiretapping law known as FISA is out of date, which prompted him to order the National Security Agency to conduct a secret electronic surveillance program that Democrats contend is illegal. ‘You keep saying it’s a 1978 law, but the Constitution 200 years old. Is that out of date, too?’"

Okay moron, the Constitution isn’t centered …

L.A. Times writer doesn’t support the troops

It appears that Joel Stein doesn’t support the troops. I personally don’t see what all the hoopla is about.
Frankly, I can respect the fact that he doesn’t support a group of people he opposes. I think it’s a tad retarded whenever senators blast the president, but "support the troops". Support them doing what? Following the president’s orders? Just say you hate em all, and get it over with.

I, however, disagree with Joel Stein. I think the war in Iraq was justified, even without WMD’s, but the fact that all my fellow conservatives are getting all pissy because …

What if?

I’ve been thinking about Iraq and Iran situations, and I was wondering.
What if the entire war with Iraq wasnt about oil, wasnt about WMD’s, wasnt about Sadaam at all? What if the entire thing was about Iran, and Iraq was a decoy to set up a base of operations from which to engage in war with Iran?

Let’s walk through how that would play out:
It’s 2002, and you have intel that says that Iran is working with the Russians to enrich uranium for the purpose of building nukes.
You have Hussein, who you know wouldnt mind taking the …

If only people left their email’s for me to respond to…

Here is what I got in the mail today:

"man, anti-abortion but pro capital punishment. not right. you go on about the death of an innocent in the womb yet have you considered the death of an innocent on death row? it happens. it has happened. it will happen again. if the death of one innocent is alright when you kill some guilty too, then i guess you can sleep easy at night.


Just a few points to make on this one:

  1. Innocents die on death row? Really, when? I’d like to see a case or two of people