Goodbye, Dad

I buried my father yesterday.

God, I miss him. My dad was/is my hero. My father passed away last Friday, surrounded by his family and friends.

For those that don’t know, my dad has been fighting kidney cancer for the past 5 years, and he fought long and hard, but in the end, God wanted him home.

How and when my dad passed was quite an amazing story.

Thursday night, the 14th, my mom called and said that the nurses were saying he had an hour to two hours left to live. Jessica and I live about an hour and …

Prototype vs. jQuery

Okay, I was wrong. I had at one time mocked jQuery as a the javascript equivalent of PaintShop Pro or Fireworks. Something light, but not something you would use for enterprise level work, and not something that would hold it’s own against Prototype.

I was wrong.

For the past few months, jQuery has been knocking my socks off with it’s awesomeness. Don’t let it’s ease of use fool you. It’s got some heavy duty-ness to it that isn’t fully appreciated. I am now actively pushing it in all of my projects, as well as at work in an enterprise …

Fall 2k6 Design

Well, this will probably be the design into the new year, but I am happy with it. I wanted it to have a bit of a mix of Web2.0, grunge, and Renaissance aesthetic. I think it works, but I’ve been known to be a moron from time to time.

Also, I have finally managed to convert the site over to using Expanse. So what’s that mean? More updates! Believe it or not, for the longest time, I was using an old crusty version of Expanse that is so far from the wonderful product I’ve made that I wouldn’t even call …

Don’t forget addEvent!

After reading Dustin’s post about forgetting addEvent, I have to disagree.
Not with the part about using Yahoo’s new Event Utility (that part I DO agree with), the part I disagree with is dropping of the addEvent function.

You see, most folks already have some form of addEvent, with all of the standard params, so why force them to go through their code, and replace addEvent with "YAHOO.util.Event.addListener"?

The easier solution is to take your current addEvent function, and make it a wrapper for the new Yahoo event utility, like so:

function addEvent(el, sType, fn, oScope, bOverride){

Weird Dreamweaver bug

Do you have Dreamweaver 8 (might happen in MX or MX2004 as well)? Open up a CSS file (make sure all your other files are saved).

Make a few rules in the file. Now right before the closing } on one of your rules, add an apostrophe ( ‘ ), and hit save.

If your setup is anything like mine, you should see Dreamweaver disappear, and you cant get it open again. Nice, Macromedia. Real nice.

Anyways, to get it to where you CAN open DW again, open that CSS file and remove the offending apostrophe.

I have no idea …

The coming oil crash

Well, not really. I was reading Life After the Oil Crash a few years ago, and even hear Matt on Coast to Coast back in September.

For those that don’t know, the site is a doom and gloomer, predicting the downfall of civilization as we know it, because we’re running out of oil. At first, he seemed to make a convincing argument, and mentally I was already preparing for what life would be like if technology scaled back 100-200 years.

But after some thought, I realize Matt has political motivations for saying what he says. I am sure he believes it, …

Mosley v. Vargas

Well, I’m not sure how many of you are into boxing, but tonight there looks to be a pretty decent fight coming on PPV.
Now, this fight would have been way more exciting about 5 years ago, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.
For those that don’t know, Shane Mosley is going to be fighting Fernando Vargas.

Let me say, going into this, I am completely biased. I used to be the webmaster for the Mosley’s, as well as personal friends, and let’s just say things got "legal".

So, that being said, let’s get into the fight.

My …

American Idol

For the last four seasons, I have NOT been an American Idol fan, at all. Frankly, the only person who has really done anything with their celebrity, and actually produced decent music, has been Kelly Clarkson. The rest, especially Fantasia and Rueben have really kinda just grated on my nerves (Clay Aiken was good, but his style was just very appealing to the AARP crowd).
This season, though, there is some REALLY great and original talent. Right now, I have 4 people from both girls and guys that I can see winning, and right fully so.
The first two people …


Okay, I am probably so insanely behind the times on this one, but seriously, PureVolume just freakin rocks. Seriously rocks.

Also, it has a really slick design courtesy of Ryan Sims @ Neubix Studios.

I’ve found some really awesome stuff there, but my personal fave of the moment is Bleed The Dream. Check out their song Who’s Killing Who. Great stuff….…

Us Whiny Christians

Well, it turns out that Britney Spear’s forthcoming appearance on Will & Grace is causing quite the stir, and NOT because of Britney’s acting.
A conservative Christian group, and yes, I am a conservative Christian, is complaining that NBC is "denigrating Christians".

I am sorry, but a Christian cooking segment called Crucifixins? That’s freakin hilarious! And I am NOT a fan of Will & Grace.

Since when did we turn in such a whiny bunch of babies? Even if they’re motive is to attack us, I hardly think poking fun at us is cause to get into an uproar.…