Alterform V. X2

Well, here it is. Welcome to the new version of Alterform, powered by the Expanse Content Management System, which has been developed by Jason and I, and will be ready for the public VERY soon.
This site is now completely table-less, and all designed with CSS. This is now my second site using only CSS, and I think it came out rather well.

Also, if you’re using Firefox on the PC, and notice some problems, head over to the Info Page to read more about it.

Thanks to Tom and Josh for their help in testing it, and of …

Comment posting changes

Because of the INSANE amount of comment spam I am getting, I added code to check every comment for certain words, and if it has any of those words (even if its just part of another word, like pokerific), it’s getting blocked.

It’s annoying to get a crapload of HTML markup in the comments and my inbox. You’d think the idiots would realize I dont allow HTML in posts.


Nate & Jessica

NateAndJessica.com. It’s live b-words!…


Okay, upon further consideration, I now move Crash to my top 5 best movies of all time.

Perhaps I am just a groupie, but this movie was plain incredible. It’s very rare the critics and I ever agree. Check it out.
Here is an unordered list of my top 10

Shawshank Redemption
Requiem For A Dream
Green Mile
Hearts In Atlantis
Man On Fire
Royal Tenenbaums
(I have to squeeze Memento and Stand By Me in there somewhere…)

Funny how there are 4 movies based on Stephen King books, and yet, I dont like Stephen …

Change Or Die

There is an amazingly interesting read over at Fast Company about changing yourself.

An interesting clip:
“So instead of trying to motivate them with the ‘fear of dying,’ Ornish reframes the issue. He inspires a new vision of the ‘joy of living'”

It confirms something I’ve always thought, that it’s much easier to run towards the future with your eyes forward, than looking back over your shoulder…

Read it here: Change Or Die

New Site Released

I released a new version of Shift22.com. There will slight modifications in the coming weeks, but I just thought I would drop the bizzo here 🙂…



Missed Your Email

If you emailed me @ 7.20pm PST, on 2/9/05, then I missed your email because the mail template didnt get included.

Please resubmit your email, thanks 🙂…

New Artwork

3 new pieces, done for a record label and band are up 🙂 Comments, of course, are always welcome 😀…

Proper Coding Techniques

Okay, a bit of a nerdy topic, but important nonetheless.
Just to make clear, I am predominantly a WYSIWYG kinda guy. I first cut my teeth on Front Page, and I used up until a few years ago as my main web creation platform.

And while I think that using a simple WYSIWYG is important for people who are starting out in web design, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT let that be the end of it, as far as code goes.

You MUST dig in deeper to the code. If you’re going to be serious about design at all, you …