Everyone, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Seeing as I dont like turkey, Ill spare you the retarded “Eat lots of turkey, Gobble Gobble” schtick.

I would just like to say that I have many many things to be thankful for. A wonderful girlfriend, an amazing family, incredible friends, a great job, my health, and plenty to eat.

Hope everyone remembers what they have to be thankful for, and that everyone has a safe holiday, and be careful on the freeways.

I leave you with this from George Washington:
Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence

*sigh*, this is pathetic….

Okay, Sidney, Benjamin Lee, or whoever you call yourself , from San Francisco using Everyones Internet, (its not really all that hard to grab an IP, hostmask, and ISP, retard), why are you so scared to just email me? Why? Do you think Ill go to your website, leave you unasked for comments insulting you?
But alas, I have a bit better manners.

But DO allow me to respond to your comment, no apologetics site needed….

Your art and clothing company are interesting outlets for such a high and mighty Christian boy. The images of what I can only

RSS Functionality has been added

In an ongoing effort to provide you with the greatest value for the lowest price, We here at Alterform, Inc. have implemented RSS into our news system. You can now point your RSS reader here: Alterform RSS Syndication to keep up to date information about me, Senor Cavanaugh!
I am also supporting Live Bookmarks, if you’re of the Firefox persuasion 🙂

Yes, Im not only a complete geek, but Im an idiot as well.

Ill be here all week. 🙂…

Another Photoshop Brush Set

I added set 3, as well as previews.

Got some cool stuff in the works. Working on an album cover for a hardcore band called A Love For Enemies, as well as a little surprise for my friend Jason

More updates as they come 🙂…

New Resources

I added back the WORLD FAMOUS (;)) font I made based on my handwriting, as well as two custom photoshop brush sets.

Photoshop Brushes
My Handwriting Font

Soon I should be able to add back the stock photo section, as well as add some vector files. 🙂…

Firefox 1.0 is Live!

Firefox 1.0 is now available for consumption.

Am I a geek for spending the last week looking forward to it, and refreshing the page literally once a minute since 12:30am?

Yes, I guess I am 😀…

Wow, you dems are caustic

Here is a comment I had to delete, but Ill respond
(BTW, why do Dems ALWAYS comment on the wrong post. Do you guys REALLY think opposite of all logic? And why are you all anonymous cowards?)

We all know GOD hates John Kerry and wanted him to loose. John Kerry obviously worships satan and that is SO not what America is all about.

You might not know, but GOD also HATES F*GS! And I’m glad that Nate agrees. Just read his thought provoking editorials.

Your parents did a good job with you Nate! GOD BLESS THEM …

Just for Dave :)

Heres the splash Daveroo!
http://www.alterform.com/-index.htm 🙂…

As it stands…

It looks like our President will be re-elected. Thank GOD 🙂…

Nov. 2nd is a big day :)

November 2nd is a big day for me, not because of the elections, but because exactly one year ago, Jessica and I started “officially” dating.

I know it sounds a bit schoolboyish to say that gush over that, at least to those of you who have been together for years and years, but this is quite honestly the longest Ive ever been with someone, and I cant imagine a more perfect partner in Jessica.

She has consistently pushed me, prodded me, encouraged me, supported me, and loved me through 2 car accidents, whats going to be moving 5 times now, …