Still feel the same :)

25. How odd. I still feel the same, but wow. Im a quarter of a century. Somebody hand me the Mylanta 😉…

Artwork Commenting

Just an FYI, Ive now added the ability to comment on artwork. 🙂

And the anonymous poster is back with such a wonderfully witty comment. He wants a refund.

Well first, Im sick of calling him the anonymous poster, so I think I will refer to him as the “Acrid Franciscan“.

So yeah, if the Acrid Franciscan is unhappy with this site, he sure does keep coming back often. Life must just be so sad for him.…

Hydrogen cars coming soon?

According to WIRED MAGAZINE, it looks like we could have hydrogen powered cars by the second half of next year. Interesting 🙂…

New Section Added

Again, proving that here you get more for your $0.18, I’ve gone ahead and added a new section in the artwork section called Etcetera. Basically, it’s just a section for odds and ends, WIPS, etc, that I didnt want to leave out, but doesnt make top priority 🙂…


Sorry for the short outage. I had a bit of a billing issue.

Anyways, good weekend, with a good week to come.…


Jessica The Nanny I should have put this up a LONG time ago, but works been crazy the past few weeks. I helped my babe make her site, and she’s been my best client so far 😀
Go check it out 🙂…

Phirebrush 22

Jason launches numero veinte y dos of Phirebrush. Thats “22” for you people that dont speak no good anglish. 😉…

FavIcon Added

Yeah, Im like WAY behind, but I always thought I was going to have to get some IconEditor or something to do a favicon.
But with FavIcon from Pictures it was as easy as uploading a gif. QUITE handy 🙂…

Declaration of Independence Banned in School

Home of Apple Computers, and near the ever so wonderful (:|) UC Berkley, A fifth grader has been banned from passing out documents that refer to God, which includes the Declaration of Independence.

Gonna have to ban quite a large chunk of material.

Story Here.

More From The Timid Debater

Lets respond, shall we?

Did I say “extremist”? I meant to say FUNDAMENTALIST. They are the same thing under the surface, but I know that you love to split hairs and read everything LITERALLY. That is what you base all your arguments on, a very literal reading of what was said.

Which is why no one can “debate” you. It is like debating a large stone or a pile of dirty laundry. You can’t win. The stone or pile of laundry won’t make any valid points, but you wouldn’t expect them to. Just like “debating” a fundamentalist.

You read …