New Site Design News

Yes, I said it would be done by now, but if you know me at all, I NEVER meet my deadlines, LOL…
Anyways, its coming, Im still working on it, but between two other important projects, work, the girlfriend, and general life issues, its been hard to put as much time as I can.

Itll be worth it though 🙂…

New Work Uploaded

Okay, 5 new pieces have been uploaded, and I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Okay, now here is what I am asking of everyone: I am setting up my resources section, and if anyone wants to see a PSD in their of my work, please let me know, and I will include it.
So please email me, and let me know what PSD’s you want in there, and Ill put together a list.
I dont want to do EVERY single piece, but I am willing to do ANY single piece.
So let me know, por favor.…

alterform v

the third incarnation of the site in less than a year is coming. Im working on getting it all set up, and the resources section all lined up, and getting some new crap for everyone.
If things go as planned, it should be up by this time next week.…

ArtPolitic 8 // Body Modification

AP’s 8th release is out, which is titled Body Modification.
Check it out here: http://www.artpolitic.org

On a side note, someone over there left a comment on my artwork saying that they like my art, but I redirect all the packs issues to Christianity.
See, even the religious right can be as contrarian, subversive, and anti-conformist as the left 😉

Seriously, that one piece is the only one Ive done that specifically speaks about Christianity, and the religious ones were to that specific pack.

And they say that my pieces are always off topic.
Sorry, Ill follow the party line, and …


I just want this friggin day to be over already.

I just want this week/month/year to be over already. 🙁…


Just testing a new date formatting.…

Quick Updates

Just a quick update. I found a job designing websites part-time. Nothing absolutely amazing, but somewhat cool nonetheless.

It turns out that a hot girl actually can stand to look at me without a projectile vomiting reflex. And get this, she actually enjoys having me for a boyfriend.
Thats sure to change 😉

Her name is Jessica.

I took some MORE time off from Aeon366. Ill get back to it, I promise.

It seems my host has bumped up my hosting space to a full gig for each of my accounts, and transfer to 65GB a month. Suhweetness 🙂…

Nothing New To Report

Just posting this news to let you know that there is no new news to report.…

Random News Post

Not much to say. Not feeling good because of the protein shake I just ingested. Makes my stomach hurt something fierce.

Bye now.…

Whats coming up?

So, I figured Id write a post about the proposed updates coming…

1. Aeon366
Sometime tonight Ill put a temp page up for the site, and find an easy way to write a CMS for that site that will let me post the pics and be easily navigated. We’ll see what happens. But Ill have SOMETHING up on it soon.
2. Im going to try and learn how to write the CMS to edit database entries within the form, without actually editing on the DB. Maybe Ill do that tonight too.
3.Maybe Ill add the resources section back. Anyone care …