Nate Cavanaugh is a designer/developer located in Southern California. He is the Director of User Interface for Liferay, Inc. His opinions here are his own, and not his bosses. Sometimes sane employees have crazy ideas.


Update (I do still breathe)

So randomly I decided to look at this site again, and it appears it was broken for a while… so, all should be good now, but then I noticed that I haven’t posted in about 8 years, so there’s that.

Been drawing a lot more lately, and really not sure what I’m going to do with this site (it feels awfully clunky), but I will probably at least half-heartedly attempt to come here and jot thoughts as they occur to me, not really because I think anyone actually is all that invested in coming here, but at least for myself.

Plus blogging feels super retro now, so I’ll be ahead of that trend when it settles in 😉

I’ll post my newer drawings later, but you can also check out my Instagram if you’re actually curious.…

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